All on Six

Implant treatment is a technological treatment method preferred in the absence of teeth that may be caused by many reasons. The All on  Six Implant method, which is used in implant treatment, which provides many years of trouble-free use after treatment, is used in multiple tooth deficiencies.

Thanks to the All on six treatment, you can find a long-lasting solution to tooth loss and bone disorders that may develop in the future.

What is All on Six Implant Treatment?

Placing 6 implants at certain angles with fixed prosthesis method to people who have lost their teeth is called All on   six implant. This technique is known as the six-implant technique. It is a longer-lasting method than standard implant treatment. Six prosthesis is placed on screws made of titanium material. All on six is placed at 45 and 90 degree angles based on the upper and lower jaw angles. In order to prevent advanced tooth loss, you can have it done by consulting your doctor as a preventive treatment. You can apply to the treatment method that can be applied to people who are completely edentulous and have bone disease.

What are the All on Six Implant Treatment Stages?

The six-implant technique application is performed in a single step and gives fast results. It has an easier stage than standard implant techniques and offers a permanent treatment recommendation for preventing dental diseases. In the treatment that is not suitable for everyone, your general health should be good. Your ailments such as diabetes and blood pressure interfere with treatment. There is no age group limit in the All on   six implant. If you want to start All on   six treatment, you should consider some stages:

  • Your general health is good; you should make sure that you do not have any chronic diseases,
  • You should trust the professional dentist decisions,
  • You should be examined in order to decide on All on   six implant treatment according to the suitability of your jaw structure and your edentulous state,
  • With dental x-rays and examination, you are deemed suitable for six implant technique treatment,
  • 6 implants are placed at an angle of 90 degrees to the front of your upper and lower jaws and at an angle of 45 degrees to the back,
  • A temporary prosthesis is placed on the implant on the same day,
  • You should wait for the screws to fuse with the temporary prosthesis within 3 months,
  • You can successfully complete your treatment with the insertion of the real prosthesis.
  • You can apply ice therapy for the first 7-10 days after the treatment.

How is All on Six Implant Applied?

All on six implant treatment is performed by controlling the general health status of the patient. Temporary dentures and 6-implants are placed on the tooth. Angles of 90 and 45 degrees are used. The most important thing is whether the patient is suitable for treatment. With correct examinations and examinations, temporary prosthesis and 6 implants fuse with each other. All on six implant treatment is completed with the insertion of real prostheses for a period of 3 months, together with the fusion of the prosthesis. Six implant technique is applied with local anesthesia method. You can follow the instructions in accordance with your dentist’s recommendation. Covered teeth are worn to perform chewing, speaking and aesthetic activities.

What is the Difference Between All on Six Implant Treatment and Normal Implant Treatment?

The All on   six implant has different advantages over the conventional implant. First of all, the six-implant technique causes a shorter treatment period. The most advantageous aspect of the technique is considered to be its application to people who are completely edentulous and have bone disease. The implant method preferred by dentists as a result of clinical and radiographic examinations offers All on   six treatment for your comfort and short procedure time. It is longer lasting than the conventional implant. 6 implants are applied in a time to make one implant. If you are experiencing extensive tooth loss, you can save time by making more than one implant.

How Should Nutrition Be After All on Six Implant Treatment?

Patients who underwent the All on   six implant technique should not eat any food for approximately 2 hours. In the following 24-hour period, it may be necessary to stay away from hard foods and nuts. You should pay attention to the warnings of your dentist when choosing food.

What are the Advantages of All on Six Implants?

All on   Six implants have many advantages over other applications. These advantages can be listed as follows:

  • It has a fast healing process,
  • Temporary prostheses are placed on the same day,
  • It is a technological study and is highly preferred by physicians,
  • You can eat immediately after the treatment,
  • It is fully compatible as it is specially planned,
  • It is preferred for those who are completely edentulous and have bone disorders.
  • It pleases patients with its long-lasting permanence.

What are All on Six Implant Treatment Prices?

The prices applied to each patient vary according to the materials used in the treatment method and the procedures performed before and after the surgery. It is a more suitable treatment method than conventional implant treatment. For more details, you can contact Klinik34 professionals.