Zirconium Crown

Zirconium veneer is one of the dental veneer methods. In this process zirconium material, which is a white alloy, is used. As a result, this method, which provides a very aesthetic appearance, has many different advantages. For those who dream of a white and solid smile, this coating method may be the preferred option.

What is Zirconium Crown?

used in various dental treatment methods such as both veneers and implants . Zirconium crown, which is produced from zirconium material, is a kind of dental coating method without metal support. There are many reasons behind the preference of zirconium, which is especially developed as an alternative to metal dental crowns. Zirconium; It stands out as a suitable material for coating production due to its color similar to tooth color, light transmittance and biomechanical properties being extremely suitable for the oral structure.

The zirconium crown, which can be made for many different purposes, can be applied within 10 days and then provides a great feeling of comfort for people. Unlike other similar dentistry applications, the coating process with zirconium; It offers all important concepts such as natural appearance, aesthetics and mechanical durability together. This type of dental veneer has an aesthetic appearance that can be used on the front teeth and is strong enough to be used on the back teeth. For these reasons, this method is a preferred dentistry practice with confidence.

How is Zirconium Crown Made?

In order for the zirconium crown to be applied correctly, first of all, the patient’s gingival structure is examined. When necessary, gum treatment is applied to the person and after the healing process, the teeth are examined aesthetically for veneer application. In cases where it is necessary for the zirconium crown process, the gingival level of the person is balanced accordingly. After the treatment and shaping process, approximately 1 mm to 2 mm of the teeth are cut for the coating process. The cut teeth are measured with special measuring devices and then these measurements are sent to the laboratory. In accordance with the measurements obtained, the patient-specific design and production is carried out in a digital laboratory environment. After the completion of the laboratory procedures, veneers formed with a polished and smooth surface are applied to the teeth of the person.

How Long is The Life of The Zirconium Crown?

Zirconium crown has a structure that maintains its durability for many years if you pay attention to your oral health and go to the dentist regularly. As with natural teeth, it is important to regularly care for teeth covered with zirconium. You can protect your oral and dental health by brushing your teeth twice a day after the veneer and using special dental floss for zirconium bridges.

On Which Teeth Is Zirconium Veneer Applied?

It is a method that can be applied to all teeth. It can be applied to all teeth for various reasons such as coating with zirconium applied to tooth surfaces, restoration of decayed teeth and aesthetics. This veneer method, which is suitable for use on both anterior and posterior teeth, looks aesthetically pleasing when used on anterior teeth, while increasing the strength of teeth when used on posterior teeth.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium Crown Treatment?

Zirconium veneer is a dentistry application that has many advantages. It is possible to list some of its advantages as follows:

  • One of the advantages is that the light transmittance of zirconium is similar to natural teeth, so veneers obtained from zirconium do not cause an opaque appearance.
  • It is possible to obtain an aesthetic-looking result that cannot be distinguished from natural teeth with zirconium crowns.
  • Due to the fact that zirconium is a white metal, the purple discoloration that can be seen on the gums of people using porcelain veneers is not seen in the use of veneers produced with zirconium.
  • The fact that zirconium is very strong and resistant also makes it a suitable material to use in veneer construction.
  • The fact that the veneers obtained from zirconium are not broken by chewing movements causes them to be used easily on the back teeth.
  • Due to the structure of zirconium metal, a perfect hot-cold insulation can be achieved with zirconium crown application. Due to its hot-cold insulation feature, if you have zirconium teeth, you can easily eat your meals without worrying about temperature changes.
  • Zirconium veneer has the feature of masking the color of the tooth it is applied to and therefore does not reflect the original dark color even if it is applied on dark colored teeth.
  • Since it does not contain any metal, if you have this coating application, there will be no change in the taste of your mouth. The absence of any metal in the coatings made using zirconium is advantageous for people with an allergenic structure.

Are There Any Harms of Zirconium Crown Treatment?

Possible damages of zirconium crown application can be prevented by regular dental check-ups. It can be thought that this application has some harms due to possible situations such as the friction of the veneers on the tooth root, the eroding of the opposing teeth or the hardness of the material. However, regular check-ups can prevent teeth from damaging each other. This application continues to evolve day by day. It is possible to minimize the damages of the application with specially designed coatings.

Who Can Have Zirconium Teeth?

Zirconium veneer is an option suitable for everyone. Zirconium veneer, which is a method that can be applied to individuals of all ages, is not applied during childhood and adolescence because the teeth and gums have not yet completed their development. It is possible for anyone who has gone through puberty to have zirconium crown teeth. People who have already had their teeth cut, people with cavities in their teeth and people with metal-supported veneers are very suitable candidates for the veneer treatment. If you are not satisfied with the fillings you have or if you have broken teeth that need to be treated, this veneer application may be a very suitable choice for you. At the same time, this type of application can be considered for people who have not been able to achieve the desired whiteness despite trying many different methods. It is also a very suitable dentistry method for people who have lost more than one tooth but do not want to undergo a long and painful treatment process.

Does Zirconium Crown Cause Bad Breath?

Zirconium crown does not cause any bad breath. Compared to alternative applications, coatings produced using zirconium do not cause bad breath because they do not corrode like metal materials. People who have zirconium teeth should pay attention to their oral health, even though this application does not cause bad breath.

Does Zirconium Crown Change Mouth Taste?

Zirconium crown does not change the taste of the mouth. No metal is used in this application. Therefore, there is no situation that will affect the taste of the person’s mouth. With this type of coating, it is possible to continue your life as if there is no coating.

Do Zirconium Teeth Change Color Over Time?

Zirconium teeth do not change color as time passes. The zirconium crown is produced in a non-staining manner and therefore maintains both its whiteness and brightness for a long time. In cases where oral and dental health is taken care of, zirconium teeth will not change color.

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