Invisalign / Transparent Braces

Invisalign is an almost invisible way to correct dental misalignment issues. As a result of this treatment, it is aimed to return all teeth to their ideal positions over time. In cases where crooked teeth are not very advanced, clear aligner applications are preferred due to both aesthetic advantages and easy use. Transparent plaque treatment, which has recently been preferred instead of metal braces, is one of the latest technologies applied in orthodontic treatments. This treatment method is also known as wireless orthodontics.

What is Invisalign Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment method in which teeth are fixed thanks to plaques specially produced for each patient . In addition, since it uses digital orthodontic technology, its application is very convenient and comfortable. In this method, a transparent plastic plate is used. Plaque is placed lightly in the mouth and point pressure is applied to the teeth, allowing the teeth to move gradually. In this method, the plates sit on the teeth very well and tooth abnormalities are effectively corrected in this way.

What Does Invisalign Do?

With this treatment, mild and moderate dental abnormalities are eliminated. With specially designed plates, crooked, protruding and misaligned teeth can be easily corrected. It also allows to close the large gaps between the teeth and create a biting experience in such a way that the upper and lower teeth meet when the mouth is closed.

How Is Invisalign Treatment Performed?

In this treatment method, three-dimensional computer imaging technology is used. In this way, the entire treatment plan is made, from the first appearance of the patient’s teeth to the targeted final appearance, and detailed information is given to the patient about the stages of treatment. In addition, thanks to computer technology, the patient can see the mouth image at the beginning and end of the treatment in digital environment. Afterwards, the relationships between the lower and upper jaws are transferred to the computer environment by using digital intraoral scanners. The patient’s dental measurements are made accurately and the plaque size and number are adjusted accordingly. These plaques, which are attached to the teeth, are formed in sets. The number of plaques varies depending on the patient’s orthodontic problem. The plaque set, which enables the teeth to move slowly, is produced completely according to the patient’s teeth. During the treatment process, composite buttons are placed on the teeth. Each plaque placed on the patient’s teeth is used for two weeks and then replaced with a new plaque. After the plate delivery, the patient is called for control once a month. The physician wants to do a control examination to see the change in the patient. In addition, during these controls, the dentist creates the next set of plaques and delivers them to the patient. After the treatment has ended, it may be necessary to wear a fixative for a certain period of time so that the patient’s teeth do not return to their previous shape.

In Which Diseases Is Invisalign Transparent Plaque Used?

This treatment method is a preferred application in the treatment of a wide variety of dental problems.

Situations where Invisalign treatment is required;

  • It is primarily used in case of crooked teeth. There are actually many reasons why teeth become crooked. This can cause both functional and aesthetic problems in people. It can also make it difficult to maintain oral hygiene. Advanced crooked teeth can get worse over time and cause severely crooked teeth. In addition, this can cause plaque and tartar formation on the teeth, tooth decay and more gum disease.
  • It is a treatment method that aims to eliminate dental problems such as curvature and dislocation of the teeth. This method is often used to close crowding and large spaces between teeth.
  • It is applied in patients with problems such as crossbite, overbite and openbite. excessive closing; It can also cause gum problems or irritation, wear on the lower teeth, painful jaw and joint problems. Also, crossbite causes one or more of the upper teeth to close into the lower teeth. Over time, this can lead to tooth wear, gum disease, and bone loss. An open bite can cause weak or painful chewing and even speech disorders.
  • Transparent plaque can also be used in cases where the lower teeth are more prominent. Because the lower teeth are more prominent; It can cause tooth wear by interfering with the normal function of the front teeth or molars. In addition, it can lead to painful jaw and joint problems.
  • This treatment method can also be applied in case of wide gaps between the teeth. Cavity problems and the large gap between teeth can cause gum problems and an advanced risk of periodontal disease.

Is There an Age Limit for Invisalign Clear Plaque Treatment?

In order for this treatment method to be applied, all primary teeth must have fallen out and the incisors and molars must have erupted in pediatric patients. This state of teeth in children occurs approximately at the age of 13-14. There is no specific upper age limit for the treatment to be applied after the necessary teeth have erupted. However, it can treat more minimal to moderate dental problems such as skewness and misalignment in a healthy way. Therefore, in order to fully assess whether the patient is suitable for this treatment, the specialist dentist should check the condition of the teeth with a detailed examination.

How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Take?

There are some issues that are effective in determining the exact duration of treatment. For example; whether the patient uses these plates regularly for the appropriate period of time, the amount of crooked teeth, the size of the gap between the teeth and the number of plaques produced accordingly, and the importance given to oral and plaque hygiene. In this method, the treatment time is between 12-18 on average. However, the shortening and prolongation of these periods vary according to the patient’s dental problems.

How to Use Invisalign?

First of all, the patient should be very careful when using these plates in daily life. First of all, the patient should clean both their teeth and their plaques well before putting on their plaques and before going to bed. The toothbrush to be used should be soft. Gum lines and teeth should be cleaned slowly with circular movements. In addition to brushing teeth, it is necessary to use dental floss. Because plaque and food residues between the teeth can only be completely cleaned with dental floss. In addition to these, a cleaning solution recommended by the doctor can also be used for plaque cleaning. In addition, when the plates are not in the mouth, they should always be stored in a clean box and hot water should not be put into it. Because hot water can damage the plastic of the plate.

What are the Advantages of Invisalign Treatment?

Clear aligner treatment has several advantages over traditional braces treatment methods. These advantages can be listed as follows:

  • First of all, in this treatment method, the result of the treatment can be easily seen in the 3D virtual environment before the treatment.
  • The most effective advantage; These plates can be removed and installed very easily. In normal braces treatments, food easily escapes between the teeth while eating, and this can cause problems during cleaning. In transparent plaque application, the plaques can be easily removed during eating. Thus, the patient’s daily eating and drinking habits are not adversely affected by the treatment.
  • This method does not cause any discomfort to the teeth or gums. Because the plates used in this treatment are made of non-metal soft platelets.
  • Normal brushing and flossing is easier.
  • During the treatment, the dentist is not frequently visited for control.
  • Invisible orthodontics can give the patient more freedom of movement. The wire-free orthodontic treatment method is very important especially in terms of not restricting the comfort of the patients in their daily life routine.
  • Transparent plaques; Since it contains soft material that does not contain metal, it minimizes the possibility of irritation of teeth, gums or other soft tissues in the mouth. It also prevents the development of an allergic reaction due to metal.
  • It allows treatment to be performed even at advanced ages.
  • It is very comfortable to use as it is very easy to remove in situations such as eating and brushing teeth. Since the transparent plates can be removed at any time by the patient, they provide a comfort area for the patient during feeding and cleaning.
  • They can be removed at an important meeting or public speaking session.

What are the Differences Between Clear Plaque and Braces?

The differences between clear aligners and braces are as follows;

  • Transparent aligners are less visible than other braces, so they are not noticeable unless you look very closely.
  • Transparent plaques can stain more easily than braces.
  • Transparent plaques are more durable than other braces.
  • Clear aligners put less pressure on the teeth. In this way, the teeth reach the desired appearance more gently and more quickly.
  • Clear aligners are suitable for handling minor to moderate orthodontic issues. Conventional metal braces are suitable for correcting more complex and advanced misalignments.
  • In the application of transparent plaque, also called wire-free orthodontics, it provides more aesthetic treatment than braces, since there are no brackets and bands on the teeth.
  • The painful process experienced during braces treatment is largely eliminated in invisalign treatment.
  • Invisalign treatment provides easier and faster results than braces treatment.

Does Invisalign Inhibit Speech?

Transparent aligners are more similar to the texture of real teeth than metal wires and only cover the tooth surface. Therefore, after getting used to the records, there is no problem with speaking.

Does Invisalign Damage Teeth?

This treatment does not harm the teeth as long as oral hygiene, plaque cleaning and other rules are followed. When the plaque is first placed, a slight pressure and pain may occur on the teeth. However, this situation disappears after the adaptation process of the teeth to the plaque. Apart from this, white spots may occur on the teeth of the patients in case of consuming food and drink while the plaque is attached. In order to prevent this, it is of great importance to comply with the necessary rules in the use of plaques.

Does Invisalign Clear Plaque Cause Bad Breath?

If oral hygiene is taken care of while using these plates and the plates are cleaned after each removal, it will not cause bad breath. In addition, sugary, acidic and hot foods and beverages should not be consumed while the plaques are attached.

How Many Hours a Day Should the Transparent Braces Be Weared?

If a successful and fast treatment process is desired, the patient’s plates should be placed for approximately 20 hours a day. It should remain in the mouth all day, except for eating and brushing teeth.

What are Invisalign Transparent Plaque Prices?

Wireless orthodontic prices; The number of plaques given to the patient depends on many factors such as tooth extraction, type of problem, inclination and crookedness of the teeth, jaw condition. In addition, the cost of this treatment; The type and duration of treatment vary depending on the dentist, the area of residence, and other work needed before or during the treatment. You can visit Klinik34 to fix your teeth and have the beautiful smile you dream of having .