Onlay Ceramic Filling

Onlay ceramic filling is a tooth correction application known as onlay restoration. Onlay provides the removal of cavities on the tooth. Deformations caused by bruises negatively affect chewing and appearance. In the method, which can meet different expectations, the treatment process is determined according to the jaw structure and the condition of the teeth. Filling treatment is performed in cases of breakage, wear and carving in the teeth .

What is Onlay Fill?

Onlay filling is a medical application that gives form to teeth with loss of function. The distortions can be at different levels. The material suitable for the depth of the pit ensures that the cavity is fully filled, making it easier to chew. Not neglecting oral care is important for the life of the filling. Taking the measurements of the worn area is the first step. Onlay fillers are produced quickly by automatic milling. After placement, the tooth can reach its initial strength. Removal of bruises is also important in terms of appearance and health. Onlay ceramic filler; It removes the discoloration caused by bruises. Aesthetics of appearance is provided with tonal balance. Generally, no pain is felt during onlay ceramic filling. However, it may be better not to consume food before the regional numbness after the treatment has passed.

How is Onlay Ceramic Filling Made?

Onlay is an application that is a mixture of filling and coating. It is used to close shallow surface pits. There can be different causes of tooth deterioration. Therefore, pre-application examinations are important. The patient should fully explain his or her complaints about dental health. With these inspection processes, the implementation schedule is determined. If the decay in the tooth has not reached the nerves, filling can be done. Otherwise, more detailed procedures may be required. In these cases, the implementation stages can be listed as follows:

  • The problem is diagnosed by inspection. A method suitable for the level of caries is determined.
  • If onlay ceramic filling can be done, the activity starts.
  • The feeling of pain is prevented by anesthesia.
  • The rotten layer is carved and an indentation suitable for the material is created.
  • The patient bites the soft-surfaced bite stick. The shape of the cavity is formed in the dough-like material with medium hardness.
  • Filling is prepared in the appropriate size for the shape. Production is done by hand or mechanical device. It may take up to 1 week for the filling to be prepared.
  • The temporary filling stays in the tooth until the onlay arrives. It is important not to consume extremely cold and hot foods during the waiting period.
  • The cleaned cavity is closed with an onlay filling and the development of caries is prevented.

The perfect surface makes chewing easier and adds aesthetics to the appearance of the mouth. The efficiency to be obtained from the application is related to the sensitivity of maintenance. Physician recommendations are essential after onlay ceramic filling surgery. Special instructions may be given to the filler size and application site.

How Long Does Onlay Ceramic Fill Last?

Onlay filling usage time is variable. Material content and application professionalism are important. The material suitable for the recess is produced from ceramic. The condition of the teeth in contact with the application area can be decisive. Standards are observed to facilitate speaking, eating and drinking. Onlay ceramic filling aims to increase the quality of life. The features of the apps are similar. Onlay fill fills large pits on the surface. Long usage is important for your budget and comfort. Onlay ceramic filler can be used for about 10-15 years. Sealant life depends on service quality and conditions of use. It is necessary to get the right service and care about oral health. Onlay ceramic filling does not require any special care and hygiene can be achieved with a standard toothbrush and toothpaste. It is important to brush the teeth in circular motions without pressure. Onlay ceramic filler is resistant to normal pressure, so you can continue your life normally when the application is complete. It is useful not to consume extremely cold and hot foods in the week following the filling. If the dentist recommends extra products for the care of filled teeth, you may need to use those products. You can protect the tooth structure by avoiding caffeinated, gaseous and sugary foods.

In Which Situations Should Onlay Ceramic Filling Be Done?

Onlay ceramic filling is a solution-oriented method that can be preferred in case of extensive caries. Standard fillings can close small spaces, but the volume of bruises approaching nerves and vessels will be large. Therefore, deep cavities may be required to clean the rotten part. The drop-down indent can be horizontal or vertical. With onlay ceramic filling, it removes cavities that take up large space. Fractures caused by impacts can also be corrected with the onlay method. The application takes place in accordance with the natural structure of the tooth. In case of excessive wear, padding is required. Crown offers an alternative to the onlay method. The difference between crown filling and onlay ceramic filling is related to the size of the closed surface. While the crown covers the entire tooth, the onlay ceramic filling is a superficial coating.

What are the Advantages of Onlay Ceramic Filler?

Onlay ceramic filling is a modern material that has different characteristics from classical fillings. It is produced in a form close to the natural tooth structure and offers easy use and elegance. Setting material standards and producing the sealant can take time. Filling produced with detailed calculations is used effortlessly. Onlay filling is durable and durable than standard materials. No dispersion, dissolution or breakage is expected on the surface. Hygiene can be achieved with daily oral care, no special methods are required. The filling does not harm the teeth and sensitive gums it touches. Initially, traditional fillings can be affected by hard foods. Onlay ceramic filling improves the grinding and cutting function of teeth. The filling, prepared according to the needs, does not lose its shape and provides stable performance for a long time. As the material is compatible with the tooth, the acclimatization process is accelerated. The temporary filling, which is used until the actual material is produced, serves as a preparation before the use of the onlay.

What are Onley Ceramic Filling Prices?

Onlay ceramic filling is considered more functional than traditional filling. Long usage, nutritional comfort, easy maintenance stand out as factors that can affect the price. Onlay ceramic filler, produced with millimeter measurements, requires perfect process management. The condition of the area to be repaired determines the price. Caries that have reached advanced level can be removed with deep application. The depth of the cavity drilled into the tooth determines the ideal amount of filling. For aesthetic and healthy teeth, you can get service from our clinic with peace of mind.